About Us

Founded in 1967, we have a wealth of experience when it comes to branding. We have grown to become the largest manufacturers and solution providers of branded merchandise across the region.

With over four decades of operational experience we have worked with businesses across all industries from Multi-national Institutions & NGO’s, Governments, Telco’s, Banks, Insurance Companies, Health Institutions, Retailers, Traders and Manufacturing establishments to name a few. Think of a branded campaign and its likely we’ve been a part of it. Beyond our borders our reach clientele spreads across the Sub-Saharan continent and into the Middle East – a mark of excellence we hold proudly.

Our core brand Airborne has become a household name synonymous with branded apparel. Its high quality, durability and customisation range make it the apparel of choice for all corporates and institutions alike.

How do we do it?

We know that to deliver the best we have to be the best.

We invest heavily in our state-of-art machinery and technology. World class operating equipment sourced from around the world including Europe, USA and Japan has capabilities to produce large scale quantities as well as well as handle even the most complex design.

Our supply chain model is second-to-none. Through our affiliates and international reach we are able to source a wide range of merchandise from premium apparel to high volume corporate giveaways. Our capacities ensure we hold sufficient stock to cater to even the most urgent of brand requirements.

We place a high value on our team, they are passionate and motivated to ensure that we deliver only the very best. Whether it’s our technicians who are trained to a global standard, our in-house art department that can help bring our clients vision to life or our supply chain team that ensures we source only the very best merchandise and have it on hand for a quick turnaround.

Over four decades we have taken the commitment and dedication to develop our business into one that truly has a competitive advantage.


Through our network of renowned affiliations globally we are able to guarantee a wide range of innovative and premium branding possibilities. Through our cutting-edge technological partnerships to our merchandise suppliers we’re proud to say that any branded product you desire, we can make it happen.

We are constantly on the lookout for new vendors and partnerships. If you have the same commitment to quality as we do and have a product that can ‘wow’ our customers, we’d be delighted to hear from you.

Our reach

We serve clients across the continent, both within COMESA and beyond.